Advanced Figure Skating

Children practicing ice skating

The basics are learned and it’s time to develop edges, transitions, gliding moves, jumps, spins and more! Skills in the Club class are continually progressed and advanced. We invite all skaters beyond learn to skate, to join in this class to meet new friends, receive additional instruction and ice time and to progress their skating skills. Classes are 40 minutes and include instruction, linking learned skills together and free time.

• For participants in Kindergarten and higher and/or those who are potty trained and capable of independently wearing a mask, social distancing and following directions
• Completion of Step 3: Learn to Skate; Instructor recommendation required
• Participants will need to demonstrate falling down and getting up and taking 8 steps off ice; view our instructional video here
• A helmet, such as a bike helmet or HECC helmet, is required and must be provided by the participant; Please label the helmet with First Name, Last Initial on the front with painter’s tape before arriving
• Wear warm, comfortable layers that allow for movement, long sleeves and pants, gloves or mittens; Young skaters should wear waterproof clothing and gloves
• Rental skates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are included in the class fee; Participants are welcome to bring their own skates although double blade skates are not permitted

To participate in FMC Ice Sports instructional programs, participants will be required to wear masks on the ice.

All participants will need to comply with COVID Guidelines and submit the appropriate waiver.

• Click here to view the guidelines

• Click here to view the waiver


Improve your skills before taking Group Class by trying Step 3: Learn to Skate, or to gain more practice time after Group, become a Skating Club member. See also, Advanced Figure Skating.

FMC skating club group picture

Skaters, parents and coaches are invited to join FMC in creating a positive environment for figure skaters to thrive. Each club’s goal is to create a skating family and provide a foundation and opportunities for skaters to grow. Through group activities, good sportsmanship and teamwork, our clubs help support skaters, coaches, parents and the community through skating.

Membership is facilitated through an application process to ensure that members understand Club values, beliefs and standards before joining. If concerns about a potential membership are present, in most cases, conversations will be held to explain expectations and how behaviors displayed in the past might cause issues or a membership being revoked. As Clubs may make the effort to give people the benefit of the doubt, it is in everyone’s best interest that potential issues be addressed before they become problematic. In addition, it should be acknowledged that an FMC Skating Club might not be right for someone – and that’s OK. The application process is about ensuring a proper fit.

Full Memberships vary depending on the benefits that can be offered. Full Membership is for skaters who wish to represent that FMC Skating Club in ISI competition or hockey players or USFS skaters who wish to benefit from the Club’s offerings. To receive the full benefits of the Club, a membership fee as well as participation and volunteering in support of the Club may be required. Skaters who take the FMC Club Group Class receive a free membership as long as they are enrolled. Membership requirements do not need to be fulfilled unless the skater is utilizing benefits such as Club Ice Practice sessions.

Associate Memberships may be available and are for skaters who already represent another ISI organization, or hockey players or USFS skaters who wish to utilize Club Practice ice. The benefit to the Associate Membership is use of Club Practice Ice sessions. A membership fee is required and the skater must have an ISI membership upon joining. If you’re not sure if you have an ISI membership through your current organization, please ask them before applying for one directly through ISI. Be sure to provide your ISI number on your application.

Professional Membership may be required for coaches to teach private lessons on our ice. Membership is required regardless of any other affiliations. Professional membership requirements are robust on purpose to ensure a professional and comfortable atmosphere. If your coach has any concerns, have them reach out to the Regional Program Director overseeing the Club.



For more formal instruction, see our Group Class. To advance your skills further, please check out our Advanced Figure Skating Programs.

Develop all of the skills needed for figure skating with Skating Specialty Classes

You’re invited! Competitions, shows, skating celebrations and more! Spectator or star, skating events help all reach goals and explore the fun of performance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything we should be doing differently with Advanced classes?

  • Continue to arrive early and adhere to all prerequisites and equipment requirements.
  • Wearing more sport appropriate attire, still in layers, is best for working on the advanced skills of these levels.
  • Having your own figure skates at these levels can be very beneficial. Talk with a Program Supervisor before making a purchase to ensure your choice will provide you with the best experience.
  • Practice at these levels can really make a difference. Public skating is still an option, but Club Ice sessions may provide a more appropriate environment.

Aside from the class, what other opportunities are there for figure skaters?

  • FMC Ice Sports offers Skating Events, Club Ice and Club Memberships, Skating Specialty Classes and more to enhance and augment every skater's love of the sport. Click here to connect with your Program Supervisor to discuss opportunities that may be available near you.
  • ISI Testing is a great way to provide goals and a sense of achievement and ISI Competitions are for all ages and abilities with events for every type of performance from technical to whimsical, individual and team. Visit for local opportunities and to learn more about the ISI organization.

What else should I know before registering?

Whether you're new or have skated with us before, our "General Program Information" Page can answer many of your questions.