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Innovation, management, and the joy of ice sports.

FMC Ice Sports is the leading operator of US public ice-skating facilities. With a legacy of growth, community service, and over 27 locations, we're dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for everyone! FMC exists to make our communities a better place, one skater at a time.

You'll get

  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Diverse and exciting projects
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance
  • A retirement savings plan
  • Access to scholarship programs to continue your education
  • Exciting community outreach opportunities
  • 360* Career Paths via our  "For My Career" Program
  • A workplace built on fun and enjoyment!

You'll experience

  • Personal growth and skill development through education
  • A sense of pride and ownership in your work
  • Collaboration to achieve collective goals
  • Empowerment to take initiative, solve challenges, and improve services
  • Unwavering honesty and integrity in all professional interactions
  • Personal fulfillment and security

We strive to

  • Listen to feedback and enhance our services
  • Effectively communicate
  • Prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees and patrons
  • Expand facility access for everyone
  • Take accountability for our actions
  • Celebrate our successes and work together to improve when we fail
  • Continuously improve and innovate

About FMC's Mission

FMC exists to make our community a better place one skater at a time! We will achieve that by delivering personalized customer service, programs that promote positive experiences and clean well-maintained facilities all at the lowest possible cost.


“The state public rink system and program are fundamental to ensuring affordable and equitable access to ice time and public skating for the citizens of our Commonwealth. Our facilities and programs provide affordable access to families and individuals of all ages and abilities. FMC was founded to support and uphold this mission and bring the love of ice sports to future generations.”  

Rob McBride

Founder & President, FMC Ice Sports
Alane Swiderski - VP of Programs & Services

"Our mission is the core of everything we do here. I see the good we do in every program we offer. We absolutely do make our communities better, one skater at a time."

Alane Swiderski

VP of Programs & Services

"The values and experiences I had growing up playing in FMC rinks helped me become who I am today."

Gage Levasseur

Marketing Coordinator

"Having grown up around hockey, I see rinks as more than just a building, but a community for everyone. Skating brings people together and keeps people active."

Jacob Niwelt

Operations Manager

What's your role on the FMC team?

If FMC sounds like a fit for you, please review the various jobs below. We are always eager to see new talent make an impact at FMC Ice Sports!


Do you rise to the challenge of managing an entire arena?

Do you take initiative and demonstrate strong leadership skills?

If so, becoming an Arena Manager at FMC could be the career path for you!

Managers should expect to: deliver a high-quality, well-maintained facility, focusing on ice quality, operations, safety, fiscal health, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, managers are responsible for developing highly trained and customer-focused staff, as well as remaining focused on operations/facilities, staff management, programming, and customer service.

"I have been at the Horgan Arena for 40 years and managed the facility for 28. I was also a part-time teacher at Auburn Public Schools. I have made a lot of friends, got to meet many interesting people, and now I get to see their kids grow up. We work with all types of people from beginners to High school and college kids; we're very involved in our community and work hard to help people out."

Paul Drapeau

Horgan Arena

Facility Supervisor

Are you a natural leader?

Do you see yourself overseeing the ins and outs of a successful ice skating rink?

At FMC, our Facility Supervisors are motivated, organized, and inspiring. Supervisors of FMC’s rinks are expected to: Provide on-site supervision of staff and facilities. Maintain and secure facilities. Operate ice resurfacer to maintain ice surface. Ensure facilities are cleaned regularly.

“Is there any better feeling than making a great sheet of ice? I enjoy helping customers, performing maintenance on the Zamboni and refrigeration system, keeping the facility clean, and cleaning up the parking lot and grounds. Working with FMC has given me so many opportunities to learn. I have also met many great people. I love working for FMC for so many reasons but it’s the giving back part that helps me feel like I'm making a difference.”

Stephanie Gaucher

Facility Operator

Do you want to drive a Zamboni?

Do you take pride in a safe and clean facility?

If this sounds like a fit for you, apply to become one of FMC’s Facility Operators.

As a Facility Operator, candidates should be prepared to: Maintain and secure facilities. Operate ice resurfacer to maintain ice surface. Ensure facilities are cleaned regularly.

"As a facility operator, I keep the facility operating! My ability to handle situations and inform my boss of pressing issues directly affects the company's success. My attention to detail and dedication to ensuring patrons have a safe and superb sheet of ice aids in that success. I take pride in my work and enjoy coming to the rink each shift. In my spare time, I play softball and hockey and work providing support for adults with disabilities."

Steph Schlosky

Facility Support Staff

Do you look forward to something new and exciting each day?

Are daily interactions with the public something that excites you?

Our Support Staff keeps our rinks running, day in and day out, with responsibility for various tasks and functions in the arena to ensure exceptional customer service, including skate monitor, cashier, and snack bar attendant.

"The most interesting part of my job is the customer interactions. All customers are different and have their own personalities. I enjoy talking with them about hockey or just life in general."

Caleb Tremblay

"I have been with FMC for 18 years, and it has been nice to see the same families every year and watch their kids grow up. It’s also nice to see and meet new families of skaters."

Darcy Fallon


Do you love skating?

Does watching others learn new skills make you happy?

Our Instructors take pride in helping another person learn a desired skill. Applicants will be expected to: Instruct groups/lessons for FMC Learn to Skate, Learn to Play, or figure skating programs for children and adults.

"As an instructor for Learn to Skate and as an adult skater myself, I know what it's like to feel nervous and anxious when you first step out on that sheet of ice. I help others see that they CAN do things they once thought were difficult or unattainable. Seeing tots to adults beam when they master a skill is the best feeling. Many of these people go on to take more classes, club ice time, private lessons, and so on. They're finding their place on the ice, building a skating community. The fact that I've helped facilitate that and have helped them find the joy in skating is a great feeling."

Renee Ladurantaye


Are you passionate about teaching?

Do you believe that hockey builds character?

At FMC, our Coaches take pride in improving the on-ice skills of children and adults alike. We expect candidates to coach players on proper techniques and skills to play hockey, figure skating, etc. Coaches in our rinks are also expected to act as on-ice instructors for in-house leagues.

"I love skating more than anything. Coaching makes me feel like I've found my purpose and I want to continue to do it for as long as I can."

Zoe Melanson


Do you take pride in a safe, clean, and inviting work environment?

FMC’s Maintenance Crew is essential to keeping our rinks running smoothly. Maintenance associates ensure our buildings are up-to-date, functional, safe, and maintained.

"Even though my work is behind the scenes on maintenance, the work we do directly impacts customers by ensuring the systems function appropriately are part of the efforts of each maintenance team member."

Justin Banks

Application Process

If FMC sounds like the type of environment that you want to be a part of, here are your next steps…

  1. Apply

    If you find that one of FMC’s available positions looks like a fit for you, don’t waste any time sending us an application! Show us why you are the right person to fill the vacant role and also join the tight-knit team at FMC Ice Sports. Luckily, applicants have all the resources available to learn about company values and promises here on our career page.

  2. Interview

    Our hiring team will carefully go through applications to determine the best fit. When an application stands out, FMC will invite the candidate to put writing into words during an interview. Be prepared to talk about what you can bring to the job, as well as your career goals and personal values. 

  3. Selection

    After careful consideration, our hiring team will choose to offer the job to the best fit. Applicants should expect a response within a couple of weeks, no matter the decision. If your application is chosen and the job is offered to you, we encourage you to take the time needed to make your final decision. 

  4. Onboarding

    Once you have accepted the offer and are on the team, FMC looks to make the onboarding process as seamless as possible. All new hires will be assigned training that will familiarize them with the company, the tools available to them, and company beliefs, values, and goals. You will feel part of the FMC community within no time! 

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Sharilyn Hepburn

Human Resources Manager

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