COVID-19 Guidelines

Last Updated: March 23, 2021

FMC Ice Sports COVID-19 Guidelines

We have recently released updated SOPs for all of our facilities. The full version is included in the button above but some highlights include:

Face coverings are required throughout the entire building. Coaches / instructors / officials are not exempt from the face covering rule when on the ice.

Up to 2 parents/guardians/chaperones and any household siblings may accompany a youth participant. All spectators must maintain social distance and wear a mask at all times.

No spectators are allowed for activities involving adults 21 and older.

Do not enter the rink until 20 minutes before your skate. Goalies may enter 30 minutes before their session.

Participants on the ice must be in cohorts (groups) of no more than 25 and socially distanced as much as possible. Two cohorts may use the same sheet of ice but must be separated by 14' in all directions and the total cannot exceed 25 including coaches. No movement between cohorts is allowed.

Coaches / instructors must wear a face covering and are included as part of the cohort.

Participants on the bench are not considered part of the 25 cohort so teams sharing ice may rotate players on the bench so long as the players remain in the same cohort at all times and the number on the ice does not exceed 50 total.

Team rooms are open at 50% capacity with social distancing required. Showers are also open with social distancing required.

Face coverings are required while on the player bench, in the penalty box, and during stoppages in play. Skaters must maintain social distancing while on the player benches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are masks required on the benches?
Yes, masks are required on the bench. Masks are also required throughout the building when skaters are not on the ice.

How early can I arrive to the arena?
20 minutes before your ice time.

Are spectators allowed?
Yes. FMC allows two parents/guardians per participant and all household siblings up to 50% of the building capacity.

Does everyone need to fill out the release form?
Yes. All participants and spectators must complete a release form.