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The Road Back to the Rink is Opening

FMC Ice Sports Presents New England Future Stars All Star Weekend at Cronin Ice Arena June 25th- 26th

      FMC Ice Sports is very proud of the New England Future Stars and are excited to announce winners from the skills competitions and of the all star games. All these athletes put in a lot of time and effort to get their game to where they wanted it to be for All Star Weekend. Coaches did an amazing job picking out their respective teams and picking individual players to take place in the skills competitions. Parents we are all thankful for you and we are thrilled you continue to use FMC Ice Sports and New England Future Stars as a place to have your young athletes grow to be successful on and off the ice!

Below is a list of winners from our skills competitions and the winners of the All Star games by their age groups.


Fastest Skater: Jordan Comella-Raynham Raiders

Puckhandling: Nicholas Tobin-Boston Brahmas

Breakaway: Colton Randall-Rockland Renegades

Goalie: David Discipio-Boston Brahmas

All Star Game: White-3 Black -2


Fastest Skater: Colin O’Connor-Boston Brahmas

Puckhandling: Charles Carrara-Boston Brahmas

Breakaway: Stella Black-Natick Chill

Goalie: Aaron Toth-Raynham Raiders

All Star Game: Black-6 White-4


All Star Game: Black-6 White-2

MVPs: Black-Connor Merkle-Walpole Hurricanes White-Henry Cardin-North Shore Stingrays

Girls U15

Fastest Skater: Adrienne Giancola-Boston Brahmas

Puckhandling: Ali Sprissler-North Shore Stingrays

Breakaway: Ali Sprissler-North Shore Stingrays

Goalie: Kiki Lynch-Walpole Hurricanes

All Star Game: White-5 Black-2

Girls U20

All Star Game: Black-4 White-2

MVPs: Black- Jianna Truppi-Southeastern Grizzlies White- Grace Lynch-Boston Brahmas

U10 Boys Top Left U15 Girls Top Right U12 Boys Bottom Right
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