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Get to Know Felix

Felix the Penquin giving two thumbs up

Full Name: Felix McCool

Birthday: 12/1/92

Hometown: Pembroke, MA

Favorite Movie: I can’t pick just one. Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2, Penguins of Madagascar, Surfs Up, The Penguin King, The Pebble and the Penguin, and Fever Pitch.

Favorite Food: All types of seafood

Favorite Color: Blue

Skills or Talents that Most People Don’t Know About: I can do a Rubix cube.

Favorite mascot: Wally is an inspiration of mine. Blades and I go way back. I was Gritty for Halloween, love his work, hoping to meet him one day.

Favorite Place to be Other than the Rinks: At the beach with my lovely girlfriend, Penny.

Favorite Superhero: SuperFelix seems pretty cool. Not that I know him or anything…

Pet Peeve: When people ask me if I’m Flip from ISI. Guilty Pleasure: A Star is Born Soundtrack. Pretty much all I listen to while I’m working.

Catchphrase: I’m still working on one. I do have a couple hashtags up my glove. Keep an eye out for #fashionbyFelix

Dogs or Cats: That’s obvious. Penguins. Favorite Part of Your Job: Hanging out with everyone who comes to our rinks, making videos for the TVs, and organizing various file cabinets.

Follow Felix on Twitter and Instagram @felixfromfmc

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