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Monday, April 11, 2011--The Boston Bruins hosted a clinic for youth hockey players, sponsored by Warrior, in Burlington, Mass.

Updated Massachusetts Guidelines: Ice Hockey Return to Play

Ice Hockey Games Will Be Allowed on Monday, August 17th

Hockey games will be allowed to resume on Monday, August 17th, provided organizers and participants can comply with updated Massachusetts guidance and collect contact tracing information for all participants, officials, and spectators.

Since it is still classified as a higher risk sport, Ice Hockey will only be allowed game play with new sport-specific modifications that meet the overall minimum standards set forth by the Commonwealth.

The updated minimum standards for all moderate and higher risk sports include:
1) No-check, minimized contact
2) No more than 25 participants on the ice surface at any time during a game or scrimmage (not including officials).
3) Practices can continue using up to two cohorts of 25 spaced at least 14’ apart and social distanced within the cohort.
4) Face coverings for officials and coaches at all times
5) Face coverings for players on the bench and when taking a face-off
6) Social distancing on the bench (6’ separation)
7) Contact tracing information for EVERY person entering the building (including officials and spectators)
8) Spectators limited to 1 person per participant up to 40% of the building capacity only if social distanced, NO spectators for participants 21 or older
9) Face coverings for EVERYONE at all times in the building except participants while engaged in aerobic activity
10) Team room use remains at 50% capacity
11) No showers
12) Restrooms limited to social distance capacity
13) No water fountain, only water fill if available
14) Maintain current sanitation requirements
15) Separate entrance and exit paths
16) No use of conference / meeting rooms
17) Prevent social gatherings throughout the facility and in the parking lot

The updated Organizer Checklist includes guidelines that all sports organizers must follow that reflect the new information released about moderate and higher risk sports and activities today.

Ice hockey leaders are currently developing hockey-specific guidelines which will be released on Monday, August 17th.

Massachusetts Hockey will also be hosting an informational webinar on Monday, August 17th at 6:30pm. We will share the webinar details when they are available and we encourage you to participate.

We appreciate your patience as we implement the new guidance in our arenas to allow hockey games to resume as quickly as possible.

We cannot wait to see you back on the ice!

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