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Hockey Officials Needed!

Dear FMC community, 

As you are likely aware, our sport has been struggling with a severe shortage of game officials since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As an experienced hockey player we need your help to keep the game going and provide quality officiating for all levels of play. In response to this shortage, Mass Hockey will be offering a series of hybrid virtual & in-person Level I seminars to make it easier for stakeholders 14 or older to earn their certification and encourage them to begin officiating. 

We also want to strongly urge former game officials to consider completing your recertification and returning to the game that needs your help ASAP!

Excellent pay, flexible schedules (mostly weekends) and the personal fulfillment gained from giving back to a game that has given so much to you are just some of the benefits.

We expect additional Level I seminars to be announced soon and will keep you informed as they are.

Yours in hockey, FMC

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