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Jake Thibeault Back to His Roots at the Wallace Civic Center

Fitchburg, MA

Saturday January 28th, 2023

Jake Thibeault grew up playing hockey at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg, MA and it was great to have him home! An incredible kid who has endured hardship as a result of a hockey related injury leaving him with a serious spinal cord injury over Labor Day weekend 2021. It was only fitting to have a day to celebrate and giveback to Jake with “Hockey Day in the ‘Burg” with teams that he has played for as well as teams he grew up watching.

“This is fantastic. We just want the whole day to go perfect for the kid. He deserves to have something nice like this for him,” Wallace Civic Center facilities operator Joshua Aho said. “You don’t hear him complain about all he has to do. And I know he looks forward to this.” (*Sentinel & Enterprise)

The impact this day has on Jake and his family extends far beyond what it does financially!

“But for one day, Thibeault was back where his love for the sport began. And as it had last year in its inaugural edition, “Hockey Day in the ‘Burg’s” impact on him and his family was much greater than just the financial benefits.

“Emotionally, all these people here today have made an impact on me. It’s truly beyond words,” Thibeault said. “I say that a lot, but in the moment, there’s really no way to describe what all this means to me. I’ll always appreciate everything everyone has done for me.”” (*Sentinel & Enterprise)

Thank you to the Fitchburg community for coming together for one of your own!


*Excerpts of this article were taken from the Sentinel & Enterprise website.

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