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2019 ISI Holiday Challenge

The 2019 ISI Holiday Challenge was held at RoseGarden Ice Arena in Norwich, Connecticut on October 26th – 27th. A total of 402 performances took place over the weekend and FMC made up seven rink teams out of the seventeen that competed from three different states.

Sienna, Nicole and Vicktoria of Natick had a successful event and shared their favorite part of the weekend:

Sienna placed 1st in Freestyle 1, 2nd in j/s with Sofia and Solo Compulsory, 3rd in Interpretive, and 4th in Artistic. Sienna said she liked doing new programs and having pizza with her skating friends!

Nicole placed 1st in Interpretive, 2nd in Freestyle 4 and Jump and Spin, 3rd in Open Silver, Solo Compulsory, and Artistic.  Nicole said she had fun being at the rink all day, skating and playing with kids from all over that she doesn’t see all the time.

Bradley, the girl’s little brother, got to see the performances and said his favorite part is when the girls give him their medals!

Vicktoria placed 1st in Freestyle, Solo Compulsory, and artistic, 2nd in Interpretive and Jump and Spin. Vicktoria said she likes starting with a new program and getting better with each competition.

FMC South Shore Stars were well represented with the following skaters:

Savannah Rose – 2 Gold medals and 1 Silver

Grace Gaultier – 2 Silver medals and 1 Bronze

London Cabral – 2 Gold medals

Allison Kilborn – 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals

Rachael Amaral – 2 Gold medals

Renee Laduarantaye – 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals
Renee is one of our Coaches and competes in the Adult categories.

Sarah and Lizzie Martin are a mother daughter team from our Fall River Rink, they competed together in the Halloween Classic held in Rockland and won a Gold Medal together.

A lot of fun and friendships were made over the weekend, the families traveled to local Foxwoods and Mohegan for some shopping and great food.

Congratulations to all of the skaters for an outstanding performance and an incredible event!

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