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Service Stars – December 2017

FMC Ice Sports’ Service Stars Awards program recognizes and rewards team members who demonstrate commitment, ingenuity and extraordinary effort in delivering exceptional customer service to arena patrons. Each month, our regional managers select individuals who best represent the values and mission esteemed by FMC. Founded by President and CEO Robert McBride, the program will honor selected Service Stars each month with a certificate of appreciation and a $75 Visa gift card.

The Service Stars for the month of December are:




Central – Buffone Arena – Justin LaPlante
“Justin has been an integral part of the Buffone team for the last two years. He works in several different capacities within our facility. From Zamboni operation to snack bar, and just about everything in between, he does all with a great, helpful spirit, and a high degree of proficiency. It is with great pleasure and pride that the FMC Service Star Award winner for the Central Region is Justin LaPlante. ”

– Nick Pennucci, Arena Manager

Metro West  – Blackstone Valley Iceplex – Jonathan Butts

“Jon is new to the FMC family but right away he has proven that he is committed and willing to learn. Jon works public skate as a skate guard and has learned the POS system as well. Jon also helps during High School games and has learned how to run the clock to fill in for time keeping. He has also shown interest in the Zamboni.”
– Jason Labossiere, Arena Manager

 Metro Boston  – Simoni Rink – Matt Getchell

“I’m lucky to have Matt on my staff. He always tries to go above and beyond helping with higher level rink tasks. He has been an extra set of eyes for me by helping train other staff on certain things, and assisting them by offering other suggestions and tips to help them grasp those tasks better. He is great with all user groups and has been particularly good with the Saturday night LTS program. He gives the instructor an extra set of eyes off the ice and notices a few things the students are doing. He offers to check their skates and sharpens them if needed. He is a great asset to have at the rink.”
– Brian Galabinski, Arena Manager

Southeastern – Driscoll Arena – Kyle Oliveira

“Kyle is the picture perfect example of a support staff who goes above and beyond. He stays busy and will find extra things when there is nothing to do. He will always come in when he is not scheduled if we need a shift filled. Kyle also learned how to do freestyle programming, which he excels in. I get nothing but positive feedback about Kyle. He also helped trained my new staff to be able to do the job to FMC standards. He also would like to learn how to Drive the Zamboni so he can help out and be a fill in driver when needed. Kyle truly deserves the nomination this month!”

– Steve Pereira, Arena Manager

Western – Wallace Civic Center – Jeff Thomas

“Jeff is new this year but has really done well so far. He is self-motivated and cares about his work.  He is always willing to help out be it cover a shift for the drivers or help out in the snack bar. Jeff took the reins while I was out on vacation the first week of January and did a splendid job keeping everything going. Jeff is really a great staff member.”
– Tim Herbert, Arena Manager
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