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FMC Skaters Scholarship Winners

Since 1992 FMC Ice Sports has been committed to helping students further their education. This year we had a record number of applicants from high school seniors all across our communities. Each applicant provided a 500 word essay describing a time when skating had a significant influence and impact on their personal development. It was meaningful to hear so many describe their skating experience as some of the best times in their life as well as some of the most challenging.

We are happy to announce we have awarded 25 scholarships for a total of $25,000 this year!

We are so proud of all of you and can’t wait to see all the extraordinary things you will do!

Congratulations to our 25 scholarship winners!

Jacob Schofield

Nicholas Raymond

Alexandria Yost

Jenna Nogueira

Julia Cline

Shayna Zibel

Karina Myers

Matthew Lavoine

Aidan Kelly

Henry Ballerene

Brayden Naumann

Daniel Cherry

Flynn Bridget

Ayden Simmons

Jack Hansen

Jordan Theriault

Dennis Oberg

Evan Moniz

Colin Flynn

Anthony Patete

Patrick Prudhomme

Erin Flaherty

Ava Kaviani

Andrew Berlo

Julia Williams

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