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Step 3: Skating Essentials

Skaters who have mastered the skills in Step 2: Advanced Learn to Skate and wish to advance and develop proficient skating skills can continue with the Step 3: Skating Essentials program. Taken in conjunction with other hockey programs, participants with hockey goals can further develop their edges, crossovers and turns.

Essentials 1: All ages

For skaters who have mastered the skills in Tot 5 or Youth 2, Essentials 1 develops proper stroking techniques and edge use while introducing crossovers.

Essentials 2: All ages

For skaters who have mastered the skills in Essentials 1, forward and backward stroking and crossovers, snowplow and T-stops are taught in Essentials 2.

Essentials 3: All ages

For skaters who have mastered the skills in Essentials 2, Essentials 3 participants learn transitions and edgework like 3-turns and Mohawks.

Figure Skating 101

Figure Skating 101 teaches the mechanics of figure skating. Skaters will learn the basics of jumping and spinning as well as gliding moves and edgework.

Essentials Semi-Private: All ages

For skaters who have completed the skills in Step 2: Advanced Learn to Skate or the equivalent, this program provides each student with 10 minutes of one-on-one instruction and 30 minutes of practice ice. Unlike a regular class, skaters will work on 1 or 2 elements each week but instruction is tailored specifically to their needs. Skaters will receive a notebook so the instructor can provide notes on what to practice. An ISI (Ice Skating Institute) membership is included.

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