Snowplow Proposal

  • General

    Furnish all labor and materials to clear the parking lot of the arena during and / or after snowstorms. The contractor will be responsible to move the snow only when an excess of three inches has accumulated. This quote must include a breakdown of costs for various snow increments: 3-6.99 inches, 7-10.99 inches, 11-14.99 inches, and a per inch cost for more than 14.99”.
  • Scope of Work

    Move all snow from the parking areas and fire lanes to the perimeter of the lot. Plowing should begin only after 3” of snow has accumulated. The lot must be re-plowed as needed to keep the accumulation manageable and the building open if the storm occurs during normal operating hours of the facility. Provide proof of the following insurance: 1. Statutory Workers Compensation – unless sole proprietor. 2. Public liability and property damage liability insurance in total aggregate sum of at least $1,000,000.00. 3. Vehicle liability insurance in an amount not less than the compulsory coverage required by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A certificate of insurance issued by an insurer licensed to do business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts showing the above-required coverage and listing FMC as additional insured must be provided. Billed snowfall amounts will be verified through the National Weather Service.
  • Quotation Cost Breakdown