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Hockey Skating Development

For participants who have mastered the elements of Step 1 : Learn to Skate in hockey skates. This 40 minute class focuses on skating mechanics, power and balance. In addition, it will introduce stick skills. Full equipment, less neck guard, mouth guard and shoulder pads, is required.


  • For participants in Kindergarten and higher and/or those who are potty trained and capable of independently wearing a mask, social distancing and following directions
  • Completion of Hockey Step 1: Learn to Skate; Instructor recommendation required
  • Participants will need to demonstrate falling down and getting up and taking 8 steps off ice; view our instructional video here
  • Full hockey equipment, less neck guard, mouth guard and shoulder pads
  • Rental skates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are included in the class fee; Participants are welcome to bring their own skates although double blade skates are not permitted

To participate in FMC Ice Sports instructional programs, participants will be required to wear masks on the ice.

All participants will need to comply with COVID Guidelines and submit the appropriate waiver.

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  • Back to School: 9/14 – 11/8

  • Fall: 11/9 – 1/3

  • Winter: 1/4 – 2/28

  • Spring: 3/1 – 4/25