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Freestyle Practice Ice

Program Description:

Practice Makes Progress! We all know the best way to make the most of any instruction is to practice! Experts recommend practicing at least the same amount of time spent in group instruction and twice the amount of time spent in individual instruction.

Freestyle Practice Ice is ice time set aside for skaters to practice skating elements and techniques. At FMC Ice Sports, we want you to make the most of your skating investment. We offer a variety of available sessions and payment options in hopes that finding time to practice will be a little easier.


Before You Skate

Freestyle Practice Ice Rules & Etiquette Waiver

Professional Conduct Agreement

Skate with us all year!

Fall I: 9/11-11/5
Fall II: 11/6-12/31
Winter: 1/1-2/25
Spring I: 2/26-4/22
Spring II: 4/30-6/24
Summer: 6/25-8/19

Late registration is available.

Freestyle Practice Ice is available at:

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