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Freestyle Practice Ice


Freestyle Practice Ice

  • Location: Revere - Cronin Arena
  • Day: Thu
  • Season: 2017 Spring I
  • Time: 5:30-6:10pm
  • Sessions: 8
  • Age: All Ages
  • Date: Mar 2 to Apr 20


Freestyle Practice Ice is ice time set aside for skaters to practice advanced skating elements.

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Recommended for figure skaters or participants in step 3 programs. Skaters in lower levels or pursuing other skating paths may be admitted with Program Director approval.

Product Description

Skaters who wish to use FMC Ice Sports Freestyle Practice Ice need to be members of the Ice Skating Institute (ISI)
Skaters who pre-register for Freestyle Practice Ice or are enrolled in Step 3: Ice Skating Essentials or Figure Skating 101 programs receive complimentary ISI memberships
Participants must also sign an FMC Freestyle Practice Ice Rules and Etiquette Waiver once a year
Instructors who wish to teach on FMC Ice Sports Freestyle Practice Ice are encouraged to contact the Skating Director in advance and must sign an agreement and provide a copy of their liability insurance certi?cate, prior to teaching

Refund Policy: All refunds are subject to approval and a $20 processing fee; full refunds, less the processing fee, may be given if requested prior to first day of classes or with a doctor’s medical note; after the first day of classes has passed, only partial refunds will be considered