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Our 10 Reasons to Learn to Skate


At FMC Ice Sports, we all believe that whether you’re a competitive figure skater, diehard hockey player, skating hobbyist, or parent looking for activities their child will love, ice skating can be a lot of things – and has something for everyone!

One of the best parts, is that Massachusetts is absolutely lousy with ice. FMC Ice Sports alone operates 24 ice arenas across the state! That’s two dozen venues with countless opportunities and ways to get out on the ice from community events & public skating, to taking in a high school hockey game with some hot chocolate, to signing up for a Learn-To-Skate class or helping your child strap on their first set of hockey pads!

To us, heading to the arena for one reason or another is a no-brainer. Still not sure? Here are 10 more reasons we think everyone should learn to skate!

  1. Rain or shine: No matter the weather, you can go skating! Temps below zero, the rink will feel warm, while the cool is a welcome reprieve when it’s hot and humid. A rainy day, or day off from school is the perfect time to bring the kids to public skating, so they can skate off all that energy!
  2. Your joints: If you or your child can’t get the hang of running, try skating! Because you’re gliding across the ice, instead of up-and-down, it’s much easier on your joints than running, while still being a great heart-pumping cardiac workout. For more of the many health benefits, read this
  3. That “accomplished” feeling: any child can learn to skate and feel athletic and artistic doing so, no matter their body type. In a step-process, they can master the basics and move on to develop superior agility for their hockey game, or spins, jumps, and spirals for their figure skating programs. Each new skill learned is built on the last, and is a great accomplishment!
  4. Start young: Our group classes start with children at only age 3! Skating is a great way for young kids to learn, work on their coordination and build confidence.
  5. Get up & try again: One of the biggest things kids learn when they learn to skate is that it’s okay to fall. It happens to everyone. Get back up and try again!
  6. Focus: Ice skating takes concentration and helps children learn how to focus on their body and what they’re doing in that moment so they can stay upright. For adults, it serves as a wonderful escape from everything in our brains. All you can think about is what you’re doing, it’s like meditation in motion!
  7. Mischief managed: It’s a great, safe hangout for teens on Friday night. Many of our rinks have Friday night public skates, which are a fun, active and social atmosphere.
  8. Lifelong: Ice skating is something kids can do for their entire lives. Once they know how to skate and/or play hockey, it’s something that can keep a part of their lives to some degree. We have had skaters who are regulars at public skate well into their 90’s! Lots of adults get together for hockey leagues, in fact many of our staff will play early before work or late at night with other guys who want to stay in the game (with less body contact).
  9. Compete: No matter your level, commitment, or ability, there are opportunities to compete in competitions or join a hockey team. The Ice Skating Institute is a great recreational-level organization for figure skaters to compete and perform within, and USA Hockey (not to mention local town leagues and our very own New England Future Stars) offers nationwide chances to play.
  10. It’s adaptive: Ice skates alone aren’t for everyone. For those with physical disabilities there are still ways to get out on the ice! The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation runs awesome programs at many of our arenas geared toward adaptive skating including skate walkers, sleds, and grips easily attached to sneakers so participants and still enjoy games on ice. Find what works best for you and have a blast!

Have we convinced you? Sign up for Learn-To-Skate now!