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FMC Employee Spotlight – Rachel Welch

FMC Ice Sports Employee Spotlight Rachel WelchPLYMOUTH – With twenty-four ice rinks in Massachusetts, FMC Ice Sports is not only the premier ice sports organization to teach your child how to skate, but is also home to many talented instructors and coaches. This week we get to know a little bit about Armstrong Arena ice skating instructor, Rachel Welch.
Rachel, a Hanover resident, began skating at a young age; first with the Ice Skating Institute’s (ISI) Learn to Skate program and then onto competitions with a private coach. “I gave up ice skating for a little while, but I always missed the ice and all of the jumps and spins I used to be able to do,” says Welch. “After some time off, I began skating and competing again. I love skating even more as an adult!”
Now 33 years old, Rachel has many competitions and awards under her belt including 1st Place in the Yarmouth Ice Club Skate Your Dream 2012 Competition, 2nd Place in the 2012 Providence Open, 2nd Place in the NEICC 2012 Competition and will be competing this February at the Bay State Games. Rachel has also tested through the USFS in Freestyle and Moves in the Field. “Competitions and testing give me goals to work towards.”
“I have been in school almost my whole life,” Rachel jokes when asked about her off-ice accomplishments. Graduating from Suffolk University with a B.A. in Criminology and Law, she then graduated from Bridgewater State College with a Masters Degree in Education. Rachel is currently finishing her second Master’s Degree in Special Education.
When Rachel is not instructing ice skaters at the Armstrong Arena in Plymouth, she is in the classroom as a Special Education Teacher, for students in the 5th and 6th grade.
“I love teaching because I love seeing kids learn new things. One of the best feelings as a teacher is seeing a student understand something to the point where I can actually see it “click” on their face. It is such an amazing feeling to know I have taught that child something that he or she may remember for the rest of their life. Coaching ice skating is so awesome for me because it combines two of the things I love most in life, skating and teaching!”