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Are you tying your skates correctly?

Are you tying your skates correctly?

Did you know there’s a right way (and wrong way) to tie your skates? Don’t worry, we’ve got the steps to follow, as well as the advantages of a well-tied skate ready for you. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide!


Our models are instructors Joe & Janet!

Why is it important to tie your skates correctly?

Whether you’re a hockey player or figure skater, if you’re not tying your skates the right way, you’re not taking advantage of all of the stabilizing and ankle-saving properties that your skate offers. A well-tied skate will help prevent injury! Players and figure skaters will also skate more confidently when their feet and ankles are firmly held in their skates, allowing them to focus their sights on their next goal.

We’ll go through the steps for both figure skates and hockey skates, touching upon the same techniques you’d use for the recreational skates and rental hockey skates you’d find at the arena. Our models are adults, but you should tie your skates (or help your child tie theirs) like this, no matter the age!

Step 1: Loosen the laces from the toe all the way up.
Don’t skip out and only loosen the top enough to squeeze your foot in. You want to be sure you or your child can place their foot fully in the skate and this sets you up for the tightening process.


Step 2: Stand up.
Once you or your child’s feet are in the skates, stand up to be sure the heel is fully in the boot of the skate. This also pushes the toes forward and can help check the fit of the skate, especially if you’re using rental skates with a growing child!


Step 3: Start tightening.
Start tightening the laces down at the toes and continuing with each hole all the way up. You want the skate to be nice and snug all the way through the skate, not allowing the foot to move too much because that’s how chafing, hot spots, and blisters happen! Pull the laces tight, keeping in mind that they loosen naturally as you skate.


Step 4: Use everything.
Don’t skip any holes or hooks provided on the skates. They’re there for a reason, after all!


Step 5: Tie it up.
After you’ve gotten up to the top of the ankle, you want to eliminate any excess lace you have by wrapping them around the hooks a second or third time (on figure skates). Don’t tuck them into the skate or wrap them around the ankles. Tie the ends into a secure bow and knot so that they don’t come undone while you’re skating and that they’re not so long they could droop down and interfere with the blade. Pant legs should go over the ankles.


Now you’re ready to hit the ice!

A couple more tips:

  • Wear socks that are of a medium weight. Heavy socks interfere with the fit of the skate and prevent especially beginner skaters from feeling the way their foot interacts with the skate. We recommend something like a trouser sock or knee highs. Make sure whichever sock you choose, it at least goes up past the ankle of the skate for maximum comfort.
  • When taking off your skates, loosen the laces from the top all the way down to the toe. This way they’re ready to go the next time!
  • Keep them dry! After you’ve taken off your skates wipe down the blade and underside of the boot to make them as dry as possible before storing them. Store them with soakers on the blades to keep away any rust.