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Prevent skating injuries with these tips!

Sports injury prevention tips for figure skaters provided by Ellen Geminiani, M.D. Dr. Geminiani is the chair of the Sports Science & Medicine Committee, US Figure Skating and is a physician with the Division of Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. Exercise videos are provided by The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention.   

– Developing excellent skating skills is not only essential to good performance but also for preventing injuries. The more controlled a skater is on edges the less other areas of the body will need to compensate. Practicing edge skills every time you are on the ice will develop balance skill and core strength.

– Flexibility is most important for all skating athletes. The hip flexors are a very common muscle group that is typically tight in skaters and hockey players. Stretching this muscle group every day, 3 times per day, while holding each stretch for 30 seconds, can improve flexibility over time. To learn how to stretch your hip flexor, watch this video.

– Muscle groups of the lower extremity need to be flexible. A dynamic warm-up is an important part of preparation for activity.  What is a dynamic warm-up?

  • Involves activities that use active motion and momentum rather than stretching while at rest
  • Uses sport-specific movements to prepare the body for activity

To learn various dynamic warm-ups, check out these videos.

– Core strength is important for all athletes but especially for skating athletes since it is needed to stay on balance on your blades. There are many ways to strengthen the core and by doing planks you are engaging one of the many muscles needed to support your body. Watch here to learn how to do a proper plank. In addition to planks, core stability exercises are important as well and can be viewed here.

Even when we do our best to prevent them, injuries happen.

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