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The Road to Worlds: The Beginning

Brooke Wong, age 18

With ISI World Recreational Championships coming up in July, our skaters and coaches have already started preparing for their performances. Coming from our programs in Raynham, Gardner, Natick and Revere, they share the beginning of their journey on the Road to Worlds 2018.

From Natick, Brooke Wong, Megan Katnik, and Ally Eld share their individual experiences and what they’re looking forward to as they work toward their Axel (and Freestyle 5 distinction) and their ISI Worlds performances, along with members of their Synchronized Skating Team.

Brooke Wong, Age 18

The feeling of stepping on the ice in front of a crowd of strangers never gets old. In fact, it is one of the best feelings in the world when you hear your teammates screaming your name as you skate to your starting spot. As a senior, World’s in July will be my last time. The last time I hear the word “smile” or the phrase “work it” and it will be the culmination of  13 years of skating and looking forward to competition days. Because of this, I want this to be my favorite program yet.

Megan Katnik, age 11

The process of piecing together a perfect program takes a lot of work, the most important aspect being the music which can take months. After the music is picked, it is time to construct the program. Although this part does not take a while, perfecting it does. Everything down to your facial expression must be perfect. As the competition approaches, a new dress must be picked out. This is by far the hardest part of the whole process. Since this is my last skate, I want to find the perfect dress.

Finally, it’s competition day. You stretch before getting on the ice, drink some water, and stand in the lobby to warm up until you hear your name being announced. I will step on the ice this July for the last time after 13 years, hearing my teammates cheering me on, confident that this will be my best skate ever.

Megan Katnik, Age 11

Competing is one of my favorite things about figure skating. You get to perform all of the moves and choreography that you have been learning and practicing all year long. When I am getting ready for competitions, I like to listen to my music at home, do the moves at school in the hallways or after class and go over the choreography in my head. I am very excited for worlds this year because I think that it will be fun to compete and display my abilities with the rest of my synchro team.

Ally Eld, age 14

Ally Eld, Age 14

Looking forwards to Worlds, I will be focused on improving my edging, the height of my jumps, and expanding my variety of spins to eventually move ahead to the next freestyle level. Most of my edging moves, like my spread eagle and Ina Bauer, will be in my artistic program for Worlds, so I want them to be the best they can be. Another goal of mine for Worlds is to build on to the spins that I already have, both to put into programs and to prepare for higher levels.

From Revere, we have sisters Marisa, age 5, and Pina Yee, age 8, who started competition season off with a bang! Their first competition of the season was at the Boston Open held in Brighton, Massachusetts on September 23rd. Marisa was the youngest skater at her level and was very proud to land her flip and lutz jumps for the first time in a competition. Pina also landed 2 axels in her program for the very first time and skated a clean program that earned her a bronze medal. Both skaters are looking forward to improving even more for their next event which takes place at FMC Marlboro in December.

Pina, age 8, and Marisa Yee, age 5

From Raynham, we have Jillian Medeiros who will be a busy skater during the upcoming ISI World Championships.  She will be entering in at least 7 categories including skating one with her dad John in the Family Spotlight category.

Jenna Hauvuy was so excited when she passed her Freestyle 2 level of accomplishments. This will be her first time competing at the ISI World Championships and she is a proud member of the newly formed Synchro Senior Youth Formation Team.  She will be competing in a Theater Production number as well.

Charlie Harrison is excited to participate in his first ISI world championships. He will be competing in multiple events such as Character Spotlight, Delta, and Solo Compulsory.  Charlie commutes from the Rhode Island to practice in Fall River with Coach Gigi Kerrigan.

Bridget O’Neil is also preparing for multiple events including practicing to compete at the Delta level as well as Spotlight Delta, solo compulsory category as well as the Stroking event. Bridget is also excited to be competing on the Senior Youth Synchronized skating team named the South Shore Stars out of Raynham!

Left to Right: Jillian Medeiros, Jenna Hauvuy, Charlie Harrison, and Bridget O’Neil

The team from Gardner is working on the Beauty & the Beast themed Theater Production number for Worlds, and consists of the following skaters:

Ashlyn Duplessis, age 11
Avery Heppenstall, age 11
Brenna Kelly, age 15
Eleanor Thompson, age 11
Emily Russo, age 13
Emma Bourque, age 11
Janice Lam, age 12
Leah LeBlanc, age 14
Maddie Rowley, age 15
Mary Paradiso, age 60
Megan Clapham, age 14
Olivia Rowley, age 10
Tia Cormier, age 14
Victor Lam, age 13
Rebecca Dontje, age 13