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Art & Figure Skating Mix at Greenfield’s 2017 Spring Show


Skaters of all ages and levels brought creative and skillful performances to the most recent skating show at Collins/Moylan Arena in Greenfield on March 25. The theme, “Art: The Expression of Human Creative Skill & Imagination” prompted the mix of the art of figure skating with so many other forms, such as a dedication to “American Gothic,” a Hamilton performance, tributes to Simon & Garfunkel, Tchaikovsky and ballet, novelist Victor Hugo and many more.

The Stoneleigh Burnham School performed their required group performance for the end of their Winter Sport season to a James Bond medley “The Art of Espionage,” just one of the group performances in addition to 25 individual or duet performances!


A new addition to the 2017 show, skaters were also given peer-chosen awards.

Most Improved: Kaitlin Lavoine & Shannon Terry-Nugent
This award is based on skill level of ability, regardless of tested (ISI or USFS) level of accomplishment. What skater has shown the most growth in overall skating skills.

Excellence Award: Maggie Provencal, Mia Snedeker & Ella Dubin
This award goes to a skater who is always raising the bar, always working, setting an example for fellow skaters to follow, shows enthusiasm and excitement in everyday training.

Camaraderie Award: Aviana Bouchard
This skater is supportive of their peers, goes out of their way to assist others, to grow the sport of skating, and build a team spirit in the arena.

Most Valuable Skater: FMC Greenfield: Rose Dumaine
This award goes to a skater who has year round representation supporting FMC Ice Sports in ISI District 1 competitions, exhibitions and shows. Throughout the year this skater upholds the core values of FMC Ice Sports to support the growth of FMC programs.


Coaches also took the opportunity to recognize some skaters.

Little Engine that Could Award:

Tots: Alice Persons, August Agrillo, and Nathan Maloney, Youth: Lyla Storey-Wein; FMC FSC: Zoe Ballou
This award is to a Learn to Skate participant from each level of our programming who has shown the most enthusiasm and dedication to acquiring the skills taught. (Tot, Youth, FMC FSC)

Coaches Award: Sage Kampitsis, Michaela Rock, Amelia Bouchard, Ella Dubin, Terri Kaiser
This skater always makes a dedicated priority to make corrections as guided by the coach in lessons, is always open to new directions and training guidelines; respects authority of coach/skater relationship at all times.



THE LITTLE FRENCH BISTRO – “The art of French Cooking with Julia Child”
Coach Megan Chickering, Kiera Nugent, Clark Nugent, Elizabeth Nugent, Alice Persons, Lyla Storey Wein, Emily Day, Vivian de Oliveira

THE FRENCH BOULEVARD – “Visiting the art museums and strolling the streets of Paris”
Coach – Stacy Chickering

ON TOP OF THE WORLD – “The art of TEAM work”
Performance Essentials Class
Coach Yulia Kulyomina

REEL AROUND THE SUN-RIVERDANCE – “Celebrating the art of Celtic music and dance”
Adult Advantage Advanced
Coach Suzanne McCaughtry

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