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Corporate Sponsorship

With 24 rinks and over 5 million patrons through our buildings, partnering with us represents an effective method of reaching your target market and a cost effective way of delivering your marketing message. Our arena facility network gives you complete coverage of the state or enables you the flexibility to focus your campaigns regionally.

Arena Advertising allows you to reach thousands of people over and over. Our rinks are consistently filled with youth and adult hockey/skating programs. With repeat visits from our client base, your ad is seen more often, creating a strong emotional tie with your customer. A recent Ice Skating Industry survey found that most of the parents of ice hockey and figure skating participants have a high level of education and work in “white collar” industries. Furthermore, they have high incomes, with over half earning more than $100,000 a year.

To reach our annual target audience of 5 million patrons is at least half the cost of traditional advertising means, like radio or print. Arena advertising lets you reach people in a positive, enthusiastic and relaxed frame of mind, at a comparatively lower price. Arena advertising allows you to target your most important markets. You can advertise precisely where you need to be, reducing the waste associated with many media programs. You can target potential consumers who live in the area, who have significant disposable income, and who are living an active lifestyle.

Types of Advertising include:

For advertising opportunities, please call CMG Indoor Advertising at 866-264-7543