Learn to Skate is as easy as 1, 2, 3! FMC Ice Sports instructional programs are divided into steps to help participants navigate their way to skating success. Step 1: Learn to Skate is for participants ages 3 and older with little to no formal skating instruction. Step 2: Advanced Learn to Skate is a continuation of learning fun with the development of coordination, balance and mobility. Finally, Step 3: Skating Essentials helps skaters advance and develop proficient skating skills such as edges, crossovers and turns.

Step 1 – Learn To Skate

Whether you wish to pursue hockey or figure skating or be able to enjoy the occasional arena visit with friends and family, Step 1 classes are your first step to success! Skaters must be potty trained and a helmet, such as a bike helmet or HECC helmet is required. Skaters who wish to play hockey, please see Bruins FUNdamentals Beginner Hockey School programs 

Step 2 – Advanced Learn to Skate

Skaters who have passed through Step 1: Learn to Skate are ready for the forward and backward skating skills in Step 2: Advanced Learn to Skate. A helmet, such as a bike helmet or an HECC helmet is required. 

Step 3 – Introduction to Ice Sports

Skaters who mastered the skills in Step 2: Advanced Learn to Skate and wish to advance and develop proficient skating skills can continue with Step 3: Skating Essentials. Taken in conjunction with other hockey programs, participants with hockey goals can further their edges, crossovers and turns. Participants will be given an Ice Skating Institute (ISI) membership with their enrollment.  

Bruins FUNdamentals

The Bruins FUNdamentals Beginner Hockey School was initiated by FMC Ice Sports and the Boston Bruins as a way to introduce beginner skaters to the sport and prepare them for entry into organized youth hockey. The curriculum is designed to develop strong skating skills and ice hockey fundamentals through various drills and group instruction, culminating in the introduction of cross-ice game play. Our goal is to ensure that every skater is having as much fun as possible while building a foundation for future hockey success!