Figure Skating Programs

The goal of FMC Ice Sports Skating programs is to provide programming options and choices that allow a skater to progress naturally and comfortably as skating elements and skills become more challenging. Instructional classes, practice options, specialty classes and events all help skaters learn and grow promoting skating enjoyment and success with any level of commitment.

FMC Figure Skating Programs:

Practice Options

All skaters are encouraged to participate in practice sessions to improve their learned skills and to make the most of their skating instruction. No matter your age or skill level, practice makes perfect!

Private Lessons

Some skaters hire instructors directly to schedule private or semi-private instruction on Freestyle Practice Ice sessions. Private lesson rates vary by instructor. If you are interested in private lesson instructions, please complete the request form or call 1-888-74-SKATE to be connected to your Program Director for more information.

Specialty Classes & Skating Clinics

For skaters who wish to explore aspects of skating beyond instructional programs. Specialty Classes and Skating Clinics provide supplemental instruction to enhance your skating experience. Different arenas offer their own colorful array of programs in categories such as Synchronized and Team programs, Strength and Conditioning, Performance, Skills Clinics and more. Click on the category below to find specialty programs near you

Skating Events

Be a skating star! Many arenas host competitions, shows and exhibitions and invite participants of all ages and abilities to display their skills. Competitions are available for both recreational and elite skaters through ISI or USFS. Talk to your class instructor or Program Director to learn more about performance opportunities that are right for you including upcoming FMC Ice Sports competitions, shows and exhibitions.

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