Adult Instructional

Level: Beginner - Age: 18+

Program Description:


FMC Ice Sports’ Adult Instructional Hockey program is a skill-based course designed for players with little to no hockey experience or former players looking to get back into the game. Focus will be on enhancing skating technique and learning the fundamentals of the game. Classes will be divided by ability when possible. Walk-ons are welcome. Adult Instructional/Organized Pick-up Combo programs are available in select locations.





It is recommended that players have completed a Step 1: Teen/Adult 1 class or the equivalent

Equipment Requirements

Full equipment is required to participate in Adult Instructional

• Single-blade skates
• HECC approved helmet with full facemask
• Ice hockey stick (no plastic)
• Elbow pads
• Shin pads
• Hockey gloves
• Hockey pants
• Shoulder pads

Registration Information:

An 8 week season of Adult Instructional starts at $109. Walk-ons are welcome, starting at $15/session. Start/end dates may vary by location and program type.

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